Features & Benefits

A reliable, accurate high speed folder is the key to profitable press operation. The WPC 4130 two-to-one (2:1) folder is rated at 30,000 iph & accommodates full webs from 18 inches (457mm) to 36 inches (941mm). For superior web control, two driven rolls (each fitted with adjustable rubber faced trolleys) pull webs into the folder. Large diameter, gear driven nipping rollers meter the former folder ribbons into the folding couple. To ensure the strength & rigidity necessary for consistent fold accuracy, the folding cylinders rotate in robust, heavy-duty bearings.

WPC 4130 folders are driven by helical gears for quiet operation & long life. The unique folded-edge forward, half-fold delivery is ideal for delivery of products to stackers. For accurate quarter folding, every signature is restrained by delivery tapes prior to the jaw cylinder release, then carried between them through the second fold. A two-off double digest folder is available as an option on the standard press folder. For large volume production of digest-sized products, a standard double parallel cylinder option is also available in the same folder frame.

Twinned Folder

WPC 4130 folders offer the ultimate in folder flexibility - twinned press lines! Webs from two separate press lines can be combined into a single product. For example, the web in press line #1 bypasses the folding cylinders in folder #1, & is combined with webs from press line #2 to produce a two-section standard broadsheet product of up to 40 total pages. For magazine size products, the page count is limited only by fold characteristics of the paper.

When the presses are running independently, they have all the operating advantages of two separate, single line presses with their own folders available to handle a wide variety of production needs. By adding angle bars, ribbon shifters, swing units, or upper formers, your plant will have the flexibility to produce even the most demanding project.

With the addition of upper formers to a twinned press line, products of up to four sections can be produced. How about locating a tabloid publication inside a broadsheet product? Twinning of WPC folder can give you these options.

Optional angle bars & bay window arrangements add practically unlimited page, color & position options.
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