2016 Newsletter Archive

December 2016 (Seasons Greetings)
November 2016 (Time to Stock Up; Talking Turkey)
October 2016 (Customer Highlight: Kerry's Eye, Ireland)
September 2016 (Customer Highlight: La Republica, Costa Rica)
August 2016 (Customer Highlight: News West Publishing, AZ)
July 2016 (Customer Highlight: American Foothill Publishing, CA)
June 2016 (Customer Highlight: Journal Newspapers, IA)
May 2016 (Customer Highlight: Kapp Advertising Inc.)
April 2016 (Customer Highlight: Florida Sun Printing)
March 2016 (Customer HIghlight: Lee Publications)
February 2016 (Customer Highlight: Highland Publishing)
January 2016 (Customer Highlight: Eagle Print)

2015 Newsletter Archive

December 2015 (Customer Highlight: Pulaski Web)
November 2015 (Customer Highlight: The Journal-News, Hillsboro IL)
October 2015 (Customer Highlight: P & P Press, Peoria, IL & 25Key upgrade)
September 2015 (Customer Highlight: Jackson Hole,WY)
August 2015 (Customer Highlight: Leader Publishing, AR)
July 2015 (Theme: Cutting Rubber identification)
June 2015 (Theme: Parts Dept. changes and variety)
May 2015  (Theme: Maintenance Quiz)
April 2015   (Theme: Using the Common Core to enhance readership & revenue)
March 2015  (Theme: Pressman Manual Terminology)
February 2015      (Theme: Branding and Logos)
January 2015       (Theme: Thinking Outside the Box)

2014 Newsletter Archive

December 2014     (Theme: All About Paper)
November 2014     (Theme: All About Ink)
October 2014         (Theme: Cartoons & Coupons)
September 2014    (Theme: Newspaper Terminology)
August 2014          (Theme: Recycling and Re-use)
July 2014               (Theme: Diversifying Readership)