Lee Newspapers installs Quad-Stack Units

"This increased color capacity now enables us to solicit commercial print jobs that we were not capable of doing in the past. It also allows us to print larger full color sections for our existing publications that will reduce the number of press runs and also make it easier to process them after they are printed".  READ MORE

Venezuela Installs Additional QuadStacks

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Editorial Notitarde recently completed installation of two additional Quad-Stack units to their pressline. Read more about the installation in an article from the July/August issue of Newspaper & Technology.

Download "NT_Venezuelan paper reprint.pdf"

Florida Sun Installation...N & T Jan. 2014

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Read about the installation of a new Quad-Stack equipped with Prime UV curing lights at Florida Sun Printing in Callahan, FL.

Download "Reprint-Florida Sun article N&T.pdf"

WAN/IFRA helps spread news about WebPress sale

Click the icon to view current news shared by the WAN/IFRA site.
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More on the ImPRESSions / WebPress LLC Partnership

Click the icon to see the article from the September/October issue of News & Tech
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Sales Inked for new Quad-Stack installations

WebPress has confirmed the sale of three Quad-Stack units to two different installations. One Quad-Stack will be headed to Florida, and two will go to Venezuela. Both installations plan start-up in early 2014. Watch for further details.

WebPress LLC choses imPRESSions Worldwide for Sales Representation

imPRESSions Worldwide has partnered with WebPress LLC to become the exclusive agent for new WebPress equipment sales in the Americas and Asia. Read more in News&Tech Dateline (9/3/13) by clicking icon below.
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Positive Response in Press Vendor Article

Click the logo below to link to a January 2013 News and Tech article where Brian Haun speaks about the role of WebPress as part of the future of newspaper equipment vendors.
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Sales Charted to Nigeria, Venezuela

Tacoma, WA, June 15th, 2012– WebPress LLC is pleased to announce sales of new press lines in Nigeria,Venezuela and Curacao.
Access the details below.
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Editor & Publisher Reports on WebPress Progress

Mark Vruno article (12/19/2012): WebPress LLC reported to me at Graph Expo that it now has helped hundreds of newspaper and semi-commercial plants around the world upgrade their multicolor printing capabilities...CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING
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First Caribbean Quad-Stack Sale

Tacoma, WA, January 13th – WebPress is excited to announce a Quad-Stack printing press sale to Amigoe. The 22-3/4” x 36” (578 x 914 mm) single width printing press will be the first installation of a
Quad-Stack in the Caribbean. For additional details access the full press release below.
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WebPress Ready to Roll

Click the logo below to view a News and Tech article about the company. (March 2012 issue)
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