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Quad-Stack: A 4 over 4 color compact color printing unit. Made for adding color to existing single-width one-around press lines (including the competition), or as components in complete presslines sold by WebPress.

Universal Printing Modules: A single perfecting unit, and the basic component of the Quad-Stack. Can be configured as 1, 2, 3, or 4 high perfectors. A spacer can be added for two-web production.

Folders: As well as standard tabloid and broadsheet applications, our folders are also available with double digest or double parallel options. They can be configured for lead edge or folded edge forward. Our ability to twin press lines for increased flexibility and production options give WPC folders an edge in the industry.

WebPress’ proprietary printing equipment adds unique value to your printing operation. Our flagship Quad-Stack model has been installed in hundreds of locations around the world. The Quad-Stack'’s excellent color registration meets the process color requirement of today'’s demanding market. Its compact physical footprint and streamlined height allows us to easily add it to your existing press line, or build a new line in within building limitations. Come see the Quad-Stack, and upgrade your multi-color printing capabilities today.

Web Leader & Atlas Equipment

Web Leader & Atlas Equipment

We also continue to service and provide parts for Web Leader and Atlas Equipment