Our press crews can change all 8 plates on the Quadstack in an average of 5 minutes, and the ease of running the press helped us set our record of 24 titles in 24 hours
—Richard Fazakerley, Operations Manager |Pacific Publishing |Seattle, WA
As we compared our options for new press equipment the Quad-Stacks and Folder from WebPress stood out as a perfect fit for us. This technology along with automated inking controls helped us improve color quality and reduce startup costs.

We take significant pride in producing and delivering consistent quality to several hundred customers around the country. Our tradition of excellence comes from the achievements of our customers, the latest technology and equipment, and our employees, This press from WebPress has proved to be the reliable equipment we were looking for.""
— Dan Kallemeyn, President | Park Press | South Holland, IL
All of you at Web Press have made my job a lot easier over the past 30 years. I would recommend Web Press to anyone looking to buy a well built, state of the art press that also comes with great customer service. Thanks for everything.
— Jim Bryant, Production Manager |The Cleveland Banner | Cleveland, TN
The Quadstack units have allowed us to produce exceptional quality with very fast makeready. Register is achieved very quickly and the Quad-Stacks, with their low startup wastage, are very suitable for our wide range of run length, which varies from 4,000 to 45,000.
— Kieran Edwards, Pressroom Manager | Kerry's Eye | Tralee, Ireland
I found the Quad-Stack press to be custom made for my purposes. I needed something compact, extremely efficient, easy to take care of, and affordable. I wanted a real support team behind my back and personalized treatment from the supplier. I got all this in one package. After running for 10 years, these beauties are in perfect condition overall. I've given them pretty good preventative maintenance, and so far no corrective action has ever been necessary. After 10 years, time has no evident signs of wear and tear on these towers, and I highly recommend them over Community units at large.
— Marco Alvarado, CEO | La Republica | San Jose, Costa Rica
Being in the printing industry for over 20 years I have found no comparison to the reproduction quality and ease of use of the Quad-Stack. The registration is awesome as once it is set, it stays set.
— Mike Vaught, Pressroom Manager | News West Publishing Company | Bullhead City, AZ
We always had difficulty printing color with just our Goss units. We have a low ceiling, so the lower profile Quad-Stacks fit our press room perfectly, and still work seamlessly with our Goss Community units and folder. The printing is great. Color registration is perfect.

Working with WebPress is great. We appreciate the support we get from them.
— Doug Horwith, VP | American Foothill Publishing | Tujunga, CA
For over 25 years we've been using WebPress Atlas printing presses to print the multiple editions of The Merchandiser each week. With a circulation of nearly 300,000, that's a lot of impressions over the years!"

Thanks to the great parts and service staff at Web Press, our presses have kept rolling and continue to produce a great looking paper.
— Forrest O'Kelly, Production Director | Kapp Advertising | Lebanon, PA
The QuadStack allows for easy registration with little waste and provides nice dense ink coverage without the offset issues and show-through of (our old) Harris.

It's probably more press than we need, but in the sense of efficiency it serves us well, even with short runs.
— Jerry Wiseman, Owner | Journal Publications | Armstrong, IA
With the CTP and the close registration of the Quad-Stacks we can produce some very high quality work with a quick turn-around which allows us to compete with Sheetfed printers."

"Our customer base has extended as far as Portland, Oregon and California. Mostly we print for customers from North Carolina to Puerto Rico and as far west as Louisiana on a regular basis due to getting out and calling on customers, but also because of the quality that the Quad-Stacks produce for Florida Sun Printing.
— Mark Thompson, Owner | Florida Sun Publishing | Callahan, FL
We visited several operations in New York, Virginia, and California, and were able to talk to the pressmen at each place to find out what they liked or disliked about their presses before deciding to go with two Quad Stack units.
Where we had the ability to print eight pages of full color in a 32-page section, we can now print 24 pages of full color in a 32-page section. This gives us greater flexibility in ad placement as well as enhanced editorial options. This increased color capacity now enables us to solicit commercial print jobs that we were not capable of doing in the past. It also allows us to print larger full color sections for our existing publications that will reduce the number of press runs and also make it easier to process them after they are printed.
— Bruce Button, VP | Lee Publications | Palatine Bridge, NY
I can't say enough about the Atlas folder and its precision. You won't find a more accurate folder that is easy to change over from one size to the next. It's bullet proof.

The Quad-Stacks definitely stand out for their precise registration on 35" webs from newsprint to 60# offset. Another great feature is the ease of training new pressmen who might not have years of 4 color work under their belt. Color and registration set quickly so it really cuts down the training time for somebody new.
— Jeff Nissen, Owner | Highland Publishing | Marble Falls, TX
"We were on the verge of shutting down our commercial printing and only printing our in-house publications. With the purchase of the Quad-Stacks we were able to not only add to our customer base, but meet increased color demands while improving the quality for our present customers and our in-house publications.

The Quad-Stack units were a perfect fit to our present Harris presses and have made startup time and spoilage drop considerably. Long time pressmen, hired after working on other presses could not believe how easy the Quads were to run. Their purchase was the best investment we at Eagle Print ever made. It totally turned around the company
— Denny Klausing, General Manager | Eagle Print | Delphos, OH
We purchased 3 Quad-Stacks in 1998 and another in 2003 with UV capability. The Quad-Stack units are the workhorses in our plant. I believe being able to go from one run to another quickly with no registration problems has given us an advantage over other printers. As well as printing several 100% gloss publications on the UV line, UV also gives us the ability to print gloss covers for our cold web magazines. A large majority of our work is now all 4-color stitch-and-trim magazine.
— Richard Gaines, CEO | Pulaski Web | Fayetteville, TN
We were looking at 4 high towers for quite a while but our existing facility has only a ten foot ceiling. The Quad Stack addition evolved after ImPRESSions Worldwide approached us and showed us how we could incorporate a Quad Stack into our press line. Since the Quad-Stack addition (in 2015) our startup waste is much lower. We were selling papers after only 300 copies on the very first press run with the new unit. It gives us color capabilities on both sides of the web. Registration is excellent and quality is just superb.
— John M. Galer, Owner | The Journal-News | Hillsboro, IL (printed all color unit to unit prior to the QS)
We print a wide variety of publications including a daily college newspaper, several weekly papers, monthly and quarterly magazines, coupon books, park district class schedules, organization newsletters, etc. Every customer is just as important as the next and we want their publications to have the highest print quality each and every time. WebPress helps us to reach that goal by providing great parts and service when we need them the most! Whether it is shipping a part overnight to get our presses running again or helping us find the exact part we need, they are always there for us.
— Art Young, Owner | P & P Press | Peoria, IL
We understand people are pressed for time, so we want to offer a great product while we have their attention. The Quad-Stacks give us an edge since they help our pressmen achieve great color without a lot of fight. One of the great attributes of WebPress is their personnel. They are accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, and personable. If the opportunity presented itself (to purchase equipment), WebPress would be my first choice.
— Kevin Olson, Publisher | Jackson Hole News & Guide | Jackson, WY
We have been adding WebPress equipment to our production line mostly because of the experience and knowledge that our press personnel has acquired with this equipment, its ease of maintenance and parts replacement, and also because the Quad-Stacks are not built with too many electrical components which are prone to damage because of local power outages.
— Carmen de Suarez, Director | Notitarde | Venezuela
We couldn’t consistently win our General Excellence Awards without the quality produced by our WebPress color units. Our staff is very pleased that the equipment has the ability to highlight their work. We depend on the reliability of our printing units, and appreciate the support we receive from WebPress. Our equipment just keeps on working…we’ll probably never need to replace it.
— Garrick Feldman, Owner & Publisher | Leader Printing | Jacksonville, AR
Our WebPress machinery is holding up well. I’d recommend it to anybody. Because the majority of it is mechanical, it can be serviced easily. We have a twinned line, and Rick was able to help us tremendously when we were having trouble synchronizing.
— Jim Bryant | Cleveland Daily Banner | Cleveland, TN
Our Quad-Stack units have the best registration around…
— Wes Mullins, Owner | M & M Printing | Ruskin, FL
We run our Quad-Stack about 30 hours per week. By using a maintenance routine, it works solidly for us. I like that I can contact WebPress whenever we need something, and they are always here for us.
— Al Reyes | Port Publications | Port Washington, WI
We’re pleased with the Quad-Stack and the quality of printing that it produces. We think it is much better than competitive papers in larger towns near us.
— Tom Arviso, Publisher | The Navajo Times | Window Rock, AZ
I'm impressed with how well our machinery works for its age. We do 15 separate runs, each about 12,000 copies. Glad we can rely on WebPress for our parts.
— Gary Stumpf, Owner | Interstate Publications | Wabasha, MN
Best investment I ever made...
— Albert Bell, Publisher | The Gadrner News | Gardner, MA